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Asset History Report Error (500)

Fixed in Release v2023.1


When generating an “Asset History” Report from the Map reporting templates - you might encounter an error ( Error 500 and Red error top right) .

This happens when the report generator does not have enough time before a certain time limit to fetch all the data needed.

The Asset history was released in the v2022.03 ALIS for Infrastructure!


Awaiting a bugfix to increase the timer you can do the following to still be able to use the Asset History

  1. Apply a Filter for the assets that focus on the report you really want to make

    1. By applying a location filter

    2. by applying a asset type filter

  2. Generate the Asset History report on the “Filtered” Assets


  1. Select only a specific group of assets that you want to make the report on

  2. Generate the Asset History report on the “Selected” Assets

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