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ALIS - Cortex Cloud

Cortex Cloud is the Data Analytics platform of ADB SAFEGATE that connects our products , applications and services together. When we create a link between ALIS and a device in the field it’s done so through the Cortex Cloud platform which has built-in security measures, data storage, aggregation and standardisation.

Depending on the connected equipment we can visualise the connected device is different ways with different workflows in ALIS.

You can find the Cortex Cloud connected devices here.

(star) LINC Node

LINC Node is a gateway to extract locally available information from intelligent airfield ground lighting devices and present it to our cloud solution. Innovative cloud solutions allow for instant sharing of airfield ground lighting information, improving the potential to analyze airport infrastructure, historical data, alarms or important status changes. LINC Node provides an interface for airports to consult AGL device information from anywhere at any time on any internet-capable device. It is a way for airports to connect their existing infrastructure and start their Airfield 4.0 journey. 
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Details & Filters

When an asset is mapped to a connected data device , the fitting visualisation will appear in the asset details when selected.

The LINC Node provides actionable device data. We can see the isolation resistance of the connected circuit of that asset values in the graph on the right .
Other Regulator details can be seen in the table below.

EFD ( Earth Fault Detection ) values and IRMS ( Insulation Resistance Monitoring System) are similar terms and refer to the Isolation measurement value of the circuit(s) connected to 1 CCR

Within our Filter section you can now filter on Cortex Cloud connected data. If an asset has EFD/IRMS data the system will filter for devices that are matching the selected filter.

We have also added an operation status filter to understand if a connected regulator is currently ON or OFF . (warning) This value is an indication of the status based on the last data received from the device. This value cannot be used or thrusted in order to perform any life maintenance to a circuit and or light. Always follow your local safety rules in order to lock-out and verify circuit condition (warning)


In order to allow for a trigger system from a device that is measuring data that indicates a bad condition of the device or circuit we have added Cortex Cloud Adivisories into ALIS. You can find the configuration under Settings-Adivosories.

By using the action cog on the right you can change it’s settings.

Advisory settings for Cortex Cloud rules

In this case, whenever there is 1 device where the IRMS will fall below the ALARM threshold ( as set on the CCR device itself) for more than 10 minutes , the advisory will become active.

You can now also choose to have an observation created as a result of this Advisory . The Observations categories can be modified in the ALIS - Observations section. The Observation can then be followed up in the usual way. On special request we can activate a webhook ( ) In order to have a MS teams message sent to a Channel of choice or have a Jira Servicedesk ticket created.

The Observation method is added in case the Advisory would be removed again as the device does not fall under the activated rule anymore when the isolation measurement value was restored. It also allows for a clear notification trigger for external parties to be informed about the observation when configured as such.

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