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Validation shifts

Some Images and descriptions might varry to the current release due to updates of the application over time. The general usage however should be similar.


In addition to scheduled maintenance sessions that involve the torquing of asset fixation points, ALIS also offers an Asset Validation function. Workorders can be set up on the ALIS administration portal (WebApp) and can be validated, as performed, by acknowledging the work on-site once performed. Identification can be performed automatically through the Location based asset identifier system build into ALIS Personal or by selecting the asset manually on the map. 

An asset validation Workorder is indicated on the dashboard with an orange marker for complete (sub)-Area's or blue for a custom made validation Workorder. A key is provided at the bottom of the application to provide more detail about other Workorders.

Validation of a maintenance task performed on an asset 

When a Workorder is started from the workorder list, the assets will show on the map on where the assets are located and wha their maintenance status is for that workorder.
Asset validation can be performed directly on the iPad in ALIS Team  or by using one or more ALIS Personal devices.

Validating on ALIS iOS and iPadOS

To select an asset to be validated just tap on the correct asset - you can use your GPS location for increased location awareness -  once identified, the tasks to be performed will be displayed on the left, together with the assets details.
To validate the work performed, you can simply select the "Validated" button to have it marked as performed. When tapping on the next asset on the iPad, there will be an additional confirmation window.

Below the asset information you will find the checklist / sub-tasks if they where created for the maintenance task in the web application ( Assets > Maintenance Tasks). It is a reminder for the technician of what actions need to be performed.
If a problem or something imported that needs to be reported occurs, an observation can be created by tapping on the exclamation mark next to the task to be performed. this will bring up the Observation report window where a text, photo, or voice memo can be captured. When an observation is reported, the asset will be marked red.

(info) In the current version only one type of media can be added to an observation report at a time - there can be multiple observation reports made to one asset. 

Reminder for synchronisation

When data has been registered on the iPad that has not been uploaded yet, there will be a number badge on the icon and after a defined period of time a push notification is sent to remind you to connect ALIS Team to the internet.

ALIS mobile apps can do auto-selection of the asset to perform the validation too. To have a highly accurate location have a look at How-to get good positioning accuracy for ALIS (iPhone and iPad) .

There can be multiple ALIS mobile apps active (on same or different accounts) that work simultaneously on a workorder (or different workorder).

Each login that has joined the Workorder can now look on the map that identifies which assets need to be maintained.

The color coding is as following:

BLUE = asset to be maintained
GRAY = asset not to be maintained
GREEN = asset maintained
RED (on iPad)  = observation added on this asset 

Identification through Location

The technician approaches the asset to be maintained. ALIS Personal will automatically identify the asset that needs to be maintained and select it. Depending on the vicinity of other assets, the system can be in three different stages concerning the certainty of the identification of the asset selection toggle button 

    1. The button is GREEN = the system is certain that it has selected the right asset you need to maintain and you can continue without hesitation

    2. The button is ORANGE = there are one or more assets nearby that could be potential candidates of what you need to maintain. Please verify using the map and your location awareness which asset you need to maintain. You can toggle the asset selection by pushing on the button. 

    3. The button is RED = the system has not identified any assets in your near vicinity that should be maintained - (info) You can still tap on the asset in the map if you know which asset you need to maintain.  
      A possible reason for the system to not detect the right asset could be  

      1. The GPS location registered in the system for the asset does not correspond with the actual location of the asset.

      2. The GPS device does not have good satellite reception, which results in an inaccurate location representation on the device. Please see the Trimble information page for more info on the Trimble GPS location device

Identification through QR code 

The technician opens the QR code scanner by means of the QR icon 


The QR code is read and the asset is automatically identified

Continuing the validation
  1. Upon identification of the asset, the technician can now see which tasks, and/or sub-tasks, need to be performed. Upon completion of the task, you can now push the "DONE" button.

  2.  The technician can now navigate himself to the next asset to be maintained or re-open the QR scanner.  

    1. For location based identification - The system will start to scan again for new assets nearby his location to identify. 
      (warning) If an asset was maintained under the Orange condition ( of the Asset selection toggle button ) and the next asset in in the same area - then this asset needs to be selected manually by tapping on the selection toggle button. 

  3. Once all assets have been maintained, there will be an information message in the "Workorder Summery" panel showing the Workorder has been completed. 

Tips & Trics

(lightbulb) Quick - Quicker - Quickest!
Need to do a quick visual check and you don't want to be bothered looking at the screen?
Just hit the volume + button on the side of your iPhone to mark the asset as validated!

To set it up - Check out your ALIS settings in the iPhone General settings page. Enable use volume for actions .

 (lightbulb)Off-line mode!
Once an asset is validated as maintained, the data will be synchronized in real-time to the server. If a connection to the server cannot be achieved, the data will be stored offline until the connection is restored from the iPhone to the Ipad 
When multiple iPhones are used simultaniously and remain connected on the wifi network - they will update the status of the work performed by the other ALIS Personal devices automatically.

Sliding Panels 

The bottom part of the app is build up out of different panels that can slide to left or right  which brings you more information concerning the Workorder /task or asset . 

Inspection and reporting

Workorder details

Allows for marking an asset as "Faulty".
This will highlight the asset with the manager
so that he knows that action needs to be taken on this asset. 

Other ALIS devices that are in Ad-hoc mode or Mapview will see the asset as red and will know that it needs to be replaced.

Replace (QR) identifier

Allows for replacing the Asset identifier - QR code. Which can be used to easily identify asset within a building where no accurate location positioning is possible.

Report Observation

Creating an observation for that asset.

Open in ALIS Web

Currently not usable in ALIS for iOS as the mobile version of the web app version is not ready yet.

A list view of the equipment that needs to be maintained/ inspected.

This allows for easily finding which to be selected for indoor- assets.

(lightbulb)This can also be used to quickly see which assets need to be maintained in the field and to take the right amounts of different types of assets/lights.

Workorder Summary

Maintenance Instruction Panel

Overview of Workorder status and task

Overview of sub-tasks to be performed

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