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How-to get good positioning accuracy for ALIS (iPhone and iPad)

Due to the global market evolutions, Trimble has discontinued the Trimble R1 - ALIS preferred device for location accuracy in the past.

However, there are other good alternatives for sufficient location positioning on iPhone and IPad native ALIS apps.

Positioning Options

Compatible with 

Positioning methodAccuracy(minus)  (pain) (tick) (gain)

All iPhones 

iPads with Cellular data

Using built-in GPS from the mobile device 

  • Inaccurate selection of assets is possible due to insufficient location accuracy.
  • No action needed

All iPhones

All iPads ( with Cellular data running iOS 15 and up ) 

 4G cellular data4m 
  • Needs a recurrent Payment for the (e) Sim or admin
  • manual IP for Wifi network
  • no extra device
  • easy updating of device 

iPhone 12 and up

iPad mini -  6th Gen and up

iPad Pro 11 - 5th Gen and up 

5G cellular data
((star) Advised) 
  • Needs a 5G Device
  • Needs 5G coverage
  • Needs a cellular (5G) subscription
  • manual IP for Wifi network
  • No extra device needed
  • easy updating of device
4All iPhones and iPads

Bad elf Surveyor 

(minus) Product discontinued

2.5  m 
  • Hardware purchase needed
  • Best mounted on wrench or shoulder
  • Small - easy in use
  • Relatively cheap
  • No yearly cost for correction service

All iPhones and iPads

Bad elf Flex (Extreme)sub-meter
  • Expensive hardware purchase
  • Not a good form factor for regulator maintenance ( good for surveys) 
  • High-accuracy
  • No yearly cost for correction service
6All iPhone and iPads

Bad Elf Flex Mini

((green star) Best alternative for Trimble R1 and Bad elf Surveyor)

1.5 horizontal, 3m vertical (CEP)

(warning) Under testing

  • Small - easy in use
  • Relatively cheap
  • Mobile app available
7All iPhone and iPadsBad Elf Flex Mini Extreme


(warning) Under testing
  • High-accuracy
  • Mobile app available

How to use Cellular data for increased location accuracy.

  1. Arrange a cellular data connection for the device and test the internet connection by accessing a webpage through your browser
  2. *Optional* When using a local Router for iPad-iPhone communication connection
    1. Modify the Wifi settings when connecting to the ALIS local wifi network to have a static IP address as in  How-to fix iPad Offline/not synchronised/not connected to the internet
    2. The iPhone should now synch ALIS data through the Wifi and it's location and internet through the cellular data connection 
  3. The Location accuracy of your device should now be more precise when using the ALIS mobile Apps and other location positioning services.

How to use the Bad-Elf with ALIS 

  1. Turn on the Bad-Elf surveyor and optimise the clear sky visibility of the device
  2. * First Time use * You can pair the Bad-elf Surveyor through Bluetooth with the iPhone or iPad as a regulator Bluetooth device ( first time pairing - next connections should be automatic) 
  3. * First Time use * verify the Bad elf configuration in the Bad Elf app for optimal location correction: 
  4. The iPhone location service will be taken over by the Bad elf Surveyor device and no further action is needed to use it with the ALIS application.

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