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How-to do Trimble R1 Firmware update

To utilize the newest features of the Trimbe R1 , you can perform a firmware update of your Trimble R1 devices.
This article will cover how to perform the firmware update. 
(star) Version 5.44 includes the feature to automatically reconnect to the latest iOS device it was connected to .  There is thus no more need to manually select which Location device you need to connect with in ALIS personal ( if the devices where connected earlier) 

Step-by-step guide

To update your Trimble R1

  1. Make sure the Trimble R1 is off.
  2. Take a "Micro-USB" cable ( the charging cable of the trimble R1 ) and connect you Trimble with your Windows Computer.
  3. Download the Latest firmware from Trimble  or Link to Release 5.44 .
  4. Open the downloaded firmware update file  "R1 Firmware version xx.exe" (you might need administrator rights to be able to do this - or you can perform the update on any other computer that has software installer rights) 
  5. Select your Trimble R1 from the dropdown and follow the instructions. If you Trimble Serialnumber is not showing up - try to reconnect the USB Cable.
  6. Wait for the installation to be performed (info) this can take up to a few minutes!
  7. Once the installation is completed - disconnect your Trimble .
  8. You can now update another Trimble R1 in the same method from - Step 4  or close the application.
Product Trimble R1 has been discontinued

Quick - Start and User guide can always be found here:

As instructed by Trimble: 

Installing the R1 firmware
1. Ensure the R1 is turned off
2. Connect the R1 to the PC using the USB cable
3. Open the Firmware Update Wizard; R1 Firmware version 5.44.exe
4. Click Yes
5. Select the unit from the drop down list (it should be auto-detected)
6. Click Next
7. The application will replace the firmware on the device with the new image. This will take approximately 5 minutes, during which time the progress bar will move and at times the lights on the unit will flash
8. Once the process has finished click Finish to close the Firmware Update Wizard

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