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ALIS Devices Info

Here you can find more specific info on the different devices that can be connected within ALIS 

Trimble R1  - Support information 

For more info on the RTX correction service and it's renewal method  - Please see Trimble R1 RTX correction service renewal

Quickstart Manual 

You can find the manual from the manufacturere here: 100230-00-ENG_R1_QSG_0516_RevC_PbP.pdf

FAQ Document 


To have more information of the status of the GPS / GNSS reception of the Trimble device - you can download the the GNSS Status app for iPhone/iPad
For Renewal of the RTX viewpoint subscription please contact ADB Safegate ALIS Support here. 

Trimble R1 has been discontinued

Tohnichi Torque wrench


QR Codes

Any QR code of sufficient size and resolution can be used to identify assets through this functionality. 
For your convenience - ADB Safegate can foresee pre-defined QR stickeres to be used on your equipment, you can make a QR sticker request in the Servicedesk.

Click for more information:

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