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Trimble R1 RTX correction service renewal

The Trimble R1 is able to get a 50cm accuracy by using an additional correction service on it's received satellite signals.
This correction service ( RTX)  is a yearly subscription fee that is covered by the ALIS subscription. 
To request a new code please make a request in the ALIS service portal  - Link . 
Once the code has been received . Please follow these steps. 

  1. Download and install the  GNSS-Status app for iOS on any iPhone that can be linked to the Trimble R1. 
  2. Power-up the Trimble R1 and connect it to the iPhone -  for additional support see  How to connect a Trimble R1 to GNSS app
  3. Launch the GNSS Status app - Select the Trimble R1 in the Source tab.
  4. Now open up the Menu and go to the "Licensing" tab 
  5. Insert the received code into the textfield and press Apply - For additional support see ACTIVATING RTX USING THE GNSS STATUS UTILITY.
  6. A confirmation message with the new subscription dates should be shown - as the image bellow
  7. Close off the GNSS Status app.

Product Trimble R1 has been discontinued

(question) Any issues in performing this operation?  Don't hesitate to create a ticket in the ALIS Servicedesk! 

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