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How-to change the preventive maintenance cycle of an asset(-type) in ALIS

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The color of an asset on the MAP in the ALIS webapplication depends on the preventive maintenance status as defined for that asset. 

When the preventive maintenance was performed in the defined period it will start by showing dark green and gradually move to orange color ( in gradations  of 0% - 33 % - 66 % - 100% % of the total preventive cycle time ). When the time of maintenance is overdue ( >100 % of the cycle time )  it will show red. 

This how-to will cover how we can change the cycle time for an asset TYPE. ( Since Preventive maintenance tasks are defined per asset type and not per specific asset) 

These are the different % on which color is going to change

Preventive maintenance state

Maintenance cycle has reached 

Color of maintenance status

Recently Updated



Good condition


Light Green

Awaiting maintenance

66% - 100%


Maintenance overdue

100% and above


Step-by-step guide

Navigate to the properties of the Asset Type ( Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner - ASSET DATA - ASSET TYPES )

  1. Find the asset type you would like to modify - Click on EDIT

  2. Review the preventive maintenance tasks defined on the bottom of the page.

  3. Remove any incorrect defined maintenance tasks

  4. Click the + button and select the task you which to add

  5. Adapt the details

  6. Hit save

If you are experiencing any difficulties in doing so - feel free to create a ticket in our ALIS Servicedesk. 


The selected asset C108 is showing light green. Why is this? 

The cycle time is 90 Days

The last maintenance was 12/2/2019 .

Today it is   which means that the last maintenance was 44 days ago. 

33% of 90 days is 30 days.  Which means that the color is not dark green anymore but already in the second gradation - light green - 33 % to 66% of the cycle time .

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