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How-to export Photometric data for ALIS

Steps to follow in order to export the photometric data from a FB Technology PAC system in order to be able to import it into ALIS .

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the FB Tec PAC Software
  2. Select the correct measurement project 
  3. Go to "Management" > ALIS 
  4. Select the photometric run to export 
    1. (warning) You cannot select more than 1 run at the same time to export, this is something that FB tec will work on in the future
    2. You should include double-sided measurements in the same export
  5. Hit Export
  6. You will receive a folder with the images reference to a spreadsheet Export file.

It is important that ALIS and FB tech will be able to reference to the correct light.

Check out Photometric documentation for information on that ALIS - Photometrics by using the same name - location or a mapping table

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