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Get started with the Ingersoll Rand QX Wrench

TLDR; The initial use of the wrench should involve setting up the torque and angle values beforehand using the INSIGHTConnect app to ensure optimal performance. These configurations are adjustable and can be modified at a later time.


Quick starter guide to set up the wrench using the INSIGHTConnect app

  1. Download the INSIGHTConnect app. The app is used for setting up the wrench at the beginning.


Tip: You can change the language via the app setting

  1. Connect the wrench to the app

    Wrench: plug the battery into the wrench. Once it starts up, choose the app pairing mode.

    INSIGHTConnect app: open the app on your phone, click on ‘Connect to the tool’, and follow the screen

  1. By default, the app and the phone will be disconnected after 60 seconds (sleep timeout). It is recommended that you change this setting, so you have more time to set up the wrench.

Go to the 3 lines → Tool Setup → Interface Setup → Edit → Sleep Timeout (s)


Recommendation: set it to 600seconds (10 minutes) or less to avoid overheating

  1. Go back to the dashboard and click ‘More Pset’; this is where you can pre-program the wrench. You can edit or add them (up to 38 psets).

  1. Change the common setting


Change the torque units to your preference

  1. Configure ‘step 1’


Disclaimer: These values are recommended but it may vary depending on your airport usage. See FAQ for more information.

  1. Change the reverse parameters


  1. Changing to different psets

You might want to have different psets if you have different bases that require different torque values. From the app, you can edit/add a new pset. In total, you can have up to 32 psets.

Change active pset from the app:


Pro tip: doing this on-site might not be convenience, try changing the pset directly from the wrench!

Change active pset on the wrench:

By default, the wrench will make pset1 active.

To change to different psets from the wrench, you have to navigate to this screen. (Tip: you can use the up-down buttons to get to this screen, see FAQ for more screen explanation)

  1. You can now connect the wrench to the ALIS app and start your torque maintenance.

(warning) Remark: ALIS and the INSIGHTConnect app cannot be used at the same time


log into ALIS → Connection Center → (plus) → Ingersoll Wrench

See ALIS Hardware - First time use for more details.


Don’t forget to connect the wrench to the extension bar!

FAQ and common errors

How to determine the target torque values?

ADB Safegate has manuals which give recommened values for each type of airfield lights.

Example: AXON - Runway Centerline


Download the manual

If you go to section INTEROPERABILITY of the manual, you will see the recommended values for different situations.


Remark: some ADB Safegate manuals will refer to Reference EB83, you can read about it here: Federal Aviation Administration which is an Engineering Brief (EB) that provides information and guidance for standard methods to be employed when using stainless steel or coated carbon steel bolts to secure light fixtures to L-868 light bases.

In the end, the values depend on if you use loctite, washers, etc., which can vary between airports and the user’s experience.

Overview of Menu screens on the wrench

See the full manual for more details

How to reset the wrench to factory?
How to set up the wrench without using the INSIGHTConnect app?

You can find more information in the full manual

Connection error: would you like to forget this device and try connection again?

To forget the device:

iPhone’s setting → Bluetooth → choose the wrench → Forget This device


Now you can try to connect the wrench to the INSIGHTConnect app again.

Can ALIS and the INSIGHTConnect app be used at the same time?

Both require Bluetooth connection with the wrench, therefore the 2 apps cannot be used at the same time. It is recommended that you pre-configure all of the torque values on the INSIGHTConnect app before you use the wrench on-site with the ALIS app.

Other errors or questions?

Full Manual

TL-VP1T-User Manual_ed1_A.pdf

Find the latest manual and more information

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