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ALIS hardware - First time use

*This section is valid for new Apple mobile devices or if the software needs to be (re-)installed on a iOS device. 
If your system was commissioned by an ADB Safegate Engineer - you can continue to Getting started with ALIS on-site .  

Here we will cover the installation of the software on your iOS devices for the first time and installing possible updates for them.

We will also see how we can pair devices together such as an iPad and iPhones for them to be able to use together.

The iPad and iPhone application for ALIS will remember previous made connections to the devices to make it easier to start working in the future. We need to however do a pairing between the devices a first time.  We have made this process as easy as possible for you.  Once a device is paired with another, they can be paired with others afterwards but will lose the previous pairing connection.  So, when you have established your group of devices to work together it's less effort to keep them in this group. 

Connection setup

Installing the iOS software

When your ALIS environment is created by ADBSAFEGATE your ALIS administrator will receive the needed credentials to login to your ALIS-environment on the web Your Administrator can then create the necessary accounts in the System Users > Create New User.
For access to the web application and able to create new users need to be either a Web App Administrator or an Airport Admin.
For access to the iPad app you need to have a technician account or work order-recipient permissions.

Once logged into the ALIS instance, navigate to the application onboarding page of your instance, to do so click on the "?" on the top right of your ALIS instance → Get iOS Application.

You can now scan the QR code with your mobile device as below and hit the "Install iOS app now" and follow the instructions

iOS App installation/update

To install or update the app on your devices, connect them to the Internet, open the camera app and point the camera to the displayed QR-Code on the iOS Installation and Update Page. When the camera recognized the QR-Code, a message will appear which prompts if you like to open this iOS Installation and Update Page in Safari. After tapping on it, this page will open on your device and you can install the app by tapping the Install iOS App now button.

When you run an ADB SAFEGATE application for the first time, iOS needs you to confirm you trust our software certificate. Please confirm you trust the certificate and continue.
Please visit your iOS onboarding Page for more info on how to trust the certificate. ( ALIS instance → ? → Get iOS application

Note: All iPhones and iPads should preferably have the same version of this App to avoid incompatibilities. 

(lightbulb) If you have other devices that already have ALIS Team or ALIS Personal simply go to the Connection center → Data Connection and you will find the same QR that can be scanned or shared by the device that needs to receive the software! The will bring you to the same iOS Installation and Update Page from the web-app.

First Login on iPad - ALIS Team application

When you have succesfully installed the ALIS Team Application and Trusted ADB SAFEGATE in the Devicemanagement so you can launch the application you will see the following screen.

(info) You can approve the different Pop-up requests on network detection, Bluetooth access and location.

You can Start the Login process by pushing the button and provide your instance identification ( which is mostly your airport IATA code or your ALIS instance URL; eg: 

The iPad will now make a connection with your instance user management database and ask you to validate your access with the same credentials you use to login to the webapp. 

If this is the first time you try to access your account the system will ask you to verify your email account: 

You will receive the following email where you can hit the link to activate your account: 

After the successful verification ( only for first time login) you can go back to the ALIS Team iPad app login screen and give your instance id again and login once more.

After a succesfull login you can now choose a 4-digit code for easy login and account protection on the device you are using. This pin by default to protect your account from unwanted access.

After setting your PIN - you will now be able to login to this iPad by simply selecting your account and entering your Pin code. 

(info) Make sure to approve the request pop-up's or to select "Always Allow" in order to use the ALIS application as designed for use.

Pairing a Trimble Location device or AirTorque wrench with the iPhone - ALIS Personal

To Pair a Trimble location device with the iPhone, you also start off in the connection center in ALIS Personal.  Select  "Device connections"  and hit the


You can now choose between pairing a Location device , Bluetooth enable wrench ( AirTorque)  or Ingersoll PCM module.

🪄 Pairing a AirTorque wrench - Tohnichi type & Ingersoll Rand QX BLE

Before making the selection above - First power on the  AirTorque by means of the Power button  .  The Bluetooth chip will automaticaly be activated.

Now select “Tohnichi Bluetooth Wrench” or “Ingersoll Bluetooth Wrench” accordingly from the selection menu-descirbed above.

Now hold the wrench (powered) close to the iPhone …

The AirTorque is now Paired and will automaticaly be connected whenever the wrench is powered and withing the range of the iPhone ( 10 m ) 

Pairing a Location Device for Trimble R1

(info) Location Devices are by default only paired with ALIS Personal (iPhone) and not but ALIS Team (iPad) - If this device is going to be utilized from ALIS Team (i.e. inspections with iPad), then this device can also be paired through the standard bluetooth settings of the device . See Apple iOS Bluetooth pairing support for more info on this.

Power ON the Trimble R1 Location Device by pressing the power button until you have 2 green LED's, then release the power button - For more info on the Trimble GPS device, please find it in the ALIS Devices Info. Once the right LED (blue) flashes, open the connection center in ALIS Personal and go to "Device connections".

Under Location Devices you can now tap the connect button. A pop-up will appear, where after a few seconds, you can select the the Trimble Device ( named "GNSS:xxxxx " ).

(info) If you cannot see your GNSS device after more than 10 seconds -the go to your iPhone Bluetooth settings and see if you can manually connect to it first here. For more information - Apple bluetooth connection setup


The device is now connected and Paired to the iPhone

When the Trimble R1 is running firmware v5.44 or higher the device will automatically reconnect to it's last connected device. If this does not happen, please update your Trimble device.
From Trimble R1 version 5.44 and later : Once the Trimble is powered up  - it will automatically reconnect to it's latest device it was connected to;  There is thus no need to connect the devices again - if they where connected together earlier. 
To shut down the Trimble device, hold down the power button until you have 1 red LED then release the power button. For more info on the Trimble GPS device please find it in the ALIS Devices Info.

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