This section will cover how to Add/Change/Remove asset types registered in your ALIS instance and was added to the release in ALIS v2022.01. Asset Type management is part of the basic features of ALIS and is provided withing the ALIS basic subscription.


We have added the familiar methods of ALIS configurations to the Asset Types. This now allows you to get a better overview and management capabilities to it, including excel based Export/Import of it.  

Asset Types overview

You can find the configuration page and asset type overview under your general "Settings"> Asset Types > Manage asset types

Here you can 

  • Search for specific asset types
  • Edit an Asset Type
  • Delete asset types ( if no assets are associated with the asset type*) 
  • Create a new asset type
  • Export the complete asset type list with it's main properties

*To associate an asset with a different Asset Type > Export and Import the corresponding assets and modify the assetClass field to the new pre-excisting asset type.

Create / Edit an asset Type

When creating or editing an asset type you can add or edit some predefined properties. See the section "Adding/Changing  Asset Types - minimum requirements" for more details on what fields are mandatory.

You can upload new pictures to overwrite the current image.

Preventive Maintenance tasks for Asset Types

Here you can define what the preventive maintenance tasks are and with which maintenance regime they should be performed. 

(info) The colour of each asset in the Map will reflect the proportial maintenance status of that asset as defined to it's preventive maintenance task interval for that asset type. Always the worst condition will be shown (unless filtered otherwise) .

See How-to change the preventive maintenance cycle of an asset(-type) in ALIS for more information on the subject.

We have added a handy quick-select for the most common maintenance regimes but feel free to make it custom. 

To add a new Preventive maintenance task - Select the task from the drop down - select a maintenance interval and hit the "+" button. 

To add new maintenance tasks to the dropdown see - ALIS - Maintenance tasks configuration

Export function 

To Export the complete set of asset types currently in the system - find the °°° top right and select Export Asset Types.

You can now edit ( see later)  the excel sheet and the asset types properties to your liking. Do not modify or re-use the "id" of the asset types.

You can add new asset types in batch by adding additional lines into the sheet.
(warning) WARNING : for new asset types in the excel sheet - leave the "id" column empty for those new lines. The system will add a new "id" automatically for each new asset type. 

Import function

With the previously exported and edit asset types from your system you can use the °°° to open up the "Import Asset Types"

You can now drag and drop the asset type excel sheet in the dropbox and also any images you used as a reference in the excel sheet.

Once all files are dropped - you can Analyse the file and validate it for import

(info) You can now only Create/Update asset Types by excel import. To remove Asset types, remove them 1by1 from the asset overview.

When updating asset type data in your system it's always good to have a copy of the export in case you would modify details unwillingly) 

(if all would be going wrong - don't worry -  you can always contact us so that we can playback an automatic backup of your instance to a certain date of choice) 

Possible validation messages
CategoryValidation messageDescription


importNotPossibleThe import is not possible, due to available error messages in this import run.
definitionFileMissingThere was no file to import provided.
definitionFileNotReadableThe file provided to import was not readable. Try to import your data as .xlsx or .csv file with UTF-8 (unicode) charset.
Data integrityduplicateAssetTypesFoundThere are duplicate assets in the provided input file. Please ensure unique asset type names across your document.
Image filesnoImageFilesProvidedThere was no optional image file found. We strongly recommend to provide some.
uploadedImageIsUnusedThe image uploaded is this run was not referenced by any import file. You should mention your image file in the spreadsheet document!
imageFileReferenceNotFoundAn image referenced by  the spreadsheet wasn't found. Please upload the missing file!
Required fieldsmissingNameThe field Name is required but empty. Please add to import file.
missingModelThe field Model is required but empty. Please add to import file.
missingManufacturerThe field Manufacturer is required but empty. Please add to import file.

Adding/Changing  Asset Types through the importer

When adding asset types to the system, you will need all the minimum requirements for that asset to excist in the system.

These are the minimum information we need about an asset type in order for it to exist it in ALIS.

Click here to expand...

Name incl. Alias
(case insensitive)

Field Value type



  • Id
  • assetTypeId


depending on mode

Optional for AssetTypeMatchingBehaviour.ByName & AssetTypeMatchingBehaviour.Auto

Required for AssetTypeMatchingBehaviour.ById

Only for updating existing asset types; Not allowed for asset type creation!

Internal Asset type identifier, useful e.g. to rename previously exported asset types.

  • name
  • assetTypeName
  • description
  • desc
  • assetType

  • assetClass



Name must be unique across document & database.

  • Manufacturer
  • assetTypeManufacturer



Manufacturer as text.

  • Model
  • assetTypeModel



Model as text.

  • WebSiteLink
  • webSite
  • webLink
  • webgUrl
  • url
  • link



Link to external documentation or data sheet as url.

  • FixationPoints
  • fixationCount
  • bolts
  • fix



Number of fixations for this asset type

  • Image
  • imageName
  • picture
  • pictureName



Name of the picture file to reference. Supported file types are: JPEG, PNG, …

All referenced image files have to be uploaded in the same run as the spreadsheet you want to import.

File schema example







ADB Safegate



Runway Edge Inset



Sample files

ZIP ( with images)

Extract and upload the folder

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