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ALIS - Maintenance tasks configuration

In this section, we will explain how to create different types of maintenance tasks into ALIS and how to associate them as preventive maintenance tasks for specific asset types.

Maintenance Tasks

Within the ALIS settings > Maintenance > Maintenance Tasks you can find the configurations of which maintenance tasks we can register to our assets in ALIS.

The following functions are available

  • New tasks of Categories can be added by the "+ Add" button top right

  • Tasks belong to a "Category" so that they are easy to find and reference

  • Each task or category can be changed or removed 

  • Each task has a certain method on how the tasks is considered as performed, which can be "Scan Asset" (also referred to as "Validation tasks") or "Torque asset"

    • Scan asset: A task will be seen as completed by means of confirmation that it was done (aka Validated) 

    • Torque asset: A task will be seen as completed when a valid torque value is associated to the maintenance registration

  • Validation tasks (or "Scan Asset" tasks) can optionally have a "checklist" which is a method of displaying onto the native ALIS apps , which actions are needed or need to be paid attention to in order to complete the task

To add a checklist item- hit the "Check list"  marker to bring up the pop-up module in order to add or remove the different check-list items.

(info) If you encounter an error in creating a task, you might not have selected a validation type for your task.

These tasks can now be used in all different ways that ALIS allows to register maitenance.

  1. From the Webapp- Map 

  2. By workorders - in the workorder list

  3. By importing excel maintenance worksheets

  4. Through the ALIS native iOS maps

Asset types 

The Asset types is a categorisation of the different types of equipment that share a common maintenance task and/or function/appearance.

(ie: all asset from a touchdown zone are from the same type and need the same maintenance ; however there could be a TDZ L  or TDZ R   depending on the Toe-in) 

You can add new Asset Types or edit the current asset types

Asset type properties

For new asset types or editing asset types the following information needs to be filled in, all fields are mandatory. You can add/remove or modify your asset type and it's properties at any time.

(info) You can only delete an asset type If no assets are associated to this asset type anymore.

For more Information about asset types and how to add maintenance tasks to their preventive maintenance cycle see - ALIS - Asset Type Management

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