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Observations visibility on iOS app

Function available in version 2024.01 - Release April 2024

TLDR; We have added the visibility of open Observations on iOS and iPadOS! This allows you to see on-site if something has already been reported or not and see the details. We added a handy “open in ALIS Web” - even for Mobile - to be able to modify the observations right from the phone.


To edit observations using mobile phone

You are able to view the observations details through the asset details button and by opening it on the web you have full edit capabilities.


You can see the number of observations on the badge




Edit from the web app

If you’re not familiar with how observations work, visit this page for more details: ALIS - Observations

Also, stay tuned for more upcoming updates:

  • Edit observation directly from the iOS app!

  • Drop-pin observation visibility and edit function!

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