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New iOS feature: Filters in work orders

New Update for ALIS iOS Software v2023.2.0b2344

Enchance your visual inspection experience with our latest filters! Assets with faulty flags will now be more easily distinguisahble in this new update.

Current functionalities

Ad-hoc mode:

You can see the assets with faulty flag in red and without faulty flag in green. This is what we currently have.

adhoc mode.gif

Work order:

All assets that required maintenance will be blue, it is hard to see which assets have faulty flag. You would have to select each asset to see which one has the faulty flag and this can be time consuming.

maintenance mode.gif

New Functionalities!

You can use the filter function to distinghuish the assets with or without a faulty flag.

maintenance mode with filter.gif

These are other filters that you can try as well:

  • Areas

  • Asset Types

  • Maintenance Tasks

  • Filter by asset name


Example of maintenance tasks filter:

  • Use the search functionality

  • Change selection (All/Invert/None)

20240201_141716000_iOS copy.jpg

Afterward, you can turn off the filter.

turn off filter.gif

What’s more?

You can now resolve all faulty flags with just one click using the new ‘Register ALL as done’ feature. For more information on this feature click: Registered All as done feature


  1. By solving all faulty flags, all assets within the same work order will also need to be registered as done.

  2. Modifying the settings for this work order in the iOS app is not possible after confirming your selection.

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