The following table is valid for instance with the new Keycload UIDM - For the legacy user rights table, please see ALIS - User Rights - Legacy

An overview of the current rights of the different user types. 

CategoryAccessInstance AdminMaintenance
Maintenance User 

on-site user

Operation userViewerDefault TeamAdvanced Role Identifier

Browse (= View)  ALIS Web ( no changes to system and no registrations) 

Excludes viewing of the pages under the "Admin" section.

(tick) (tick) (tick)


(tick) (tick)(minus) ALIS.Web.Login
GeneralModify own password(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(minus) 
ReportsGenerate reports(tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)(tick) (tick) (minus) ALIS.Web.Reports.Generate
Faulty stateFlag faulty lights on/of (Web)(minus) (tick) (tick) (minus) (tick) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.ChangeFaultyFlag
Flag faulty lights on/of (iOS)(minus) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (minus) (minus) ALIS.OnSite.ChangeFaultyFlag
ObservationsResolve observations (web)(minus)  (tick) (tick) (minus) (tick) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.Observation.Resolve
Create observations (iOS)(minus) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (minus) (minus) ALIS.OnSite.Observation.Create
iOS ALIS appiOS ALIS app access - View(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick) (minus) ALIS.OnSite.Login
iOS ALIS app access - Adhoc(minus) (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(minus)(minus) 
iOS ALIS app access - Work orders(minus) (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) (limited by Teams function) (minus) (minus) 
Web maintenanceRegister maintenance on the web through map(minus) (tick) (tick) (minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) 


Register maintenance on the web through import(minus)(tick)(tick)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) ALIS.Web.Maintenance.Import
Work order management 


(minus) (tick) (tick) (tick) (minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.WorkOrder.Create
Edit (own)(minus) (tick) (tick) (tick) (minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.WorkOrder.EditOwn
Edit (any)(minus) (tick) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.WorkOrder.EditAny
Close (Own)(minus) (tick) (tick) (tick) (minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.WorkOrder.CloseOwn
Close (any) (minus) (tick) (minus) (minus)(minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.WorkOrder.CloseAny


(Workorders can only be assigned to Groups with this role)

(minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (tick) ALIS.Web.WorkOrder.Recipient
System management

Manage Assets (Import)(tick) (tick) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.Assets.Import
Manage asset types(tick) (tick) (minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) ALIS.Web.AssetTypes.Manage
Manage maintenance tasks(tick) (tick) (minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) ALIS.Web.MaintenanceTasks.Manage

Manage Settings

(Maintenance, Advisory, Photometric) 

(minus) (tick) (minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) ALIS.Web.Settings.Manage

Admin management

Adding/removing Features through the ALIS store(tick) (tick) (minus) (minus)(minus) (minus) (minus) 
Manage Entity mapping (tick) (minus) (minus) (minus)(minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.Config.InterfaceService.EntityMapping
View DataPipeline(tick) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) (minus) ALIS.Web.Config.InterfaceService.ViewStatus

Configure DataPipeline

(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) ALIS.Web.Config.InterfaceService.Configure
Manage Reporting(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus) ALIS.Web.Reports.Manage
User / Group / Team Management

View Users and Groups(tick)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)ALIS.Web.UserManagement.View
Manage Users and Groups(tick)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)ALIS.Web.UserManagement.Manage
Manage Teams(tick)(tick)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)(minus)ALIS.Web.Teams.Manage

(info) Some role permissions might still be under construction and might not be available yet.