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ALIS on-site New Connection setup and iOS apps! (V2023.1 update)

V2023.1 Update video

Changes and benefits!

We are activating the new connection setup gradually for the updated instances. - So feel free to reach out through The ALIS Servicedesk if you want to make use of the new setup ASAP. The new connection setup is disabled by default in v2023.01 to accommodate a smooth transition.

With the release of ALIS v2023.01 we are introducing a new connection setup for ALIS on-site! We merged the capabilities of the iPad and iPhone functions together and both devices can now be used in a similar way. This means you can now work directly from the iPhone and have no more need for the iPad to get access to the work orders. On iPad you can now pair it to an ALIS compatible wrench and use the Automatic asset detection feature!

To show you the difference, have a look at the schematic below

The legacy connection setup is still compatible with version 2023.1 and will remain compatible until no more devices are running the legacy version.

To install the new iPhone IOS ALIS app you will have to scan and download the new app from the webApp with the iPhone . The iPad should bring up the update request itself, if not, you can also scan the QR from your onboarding page.

Navigate to your iOS app onboarding page from your instance - Do not scan the QR from this screenshot

Ingersoll Rand QX changes

For our customers that use the Ingersoll Rand QX wrench - we can now offer simplified and more reliable connection setup. This does require an update of your wrench to now work with Bluetooth instead of the PCM setup. Contact us for getting your wrenches upgraded! The ALIS Servicedesk

The new connectivity setup now invites for adding a (e-)SIM in your iPhone devices for making direct connection to the cloud. This also brings increased location accuracy to the iOS devices and removing the need for an additional GPS receiver for some users. Have a look at our How-to get good positioning accuracy for ALIS (iPhone and iPad)

Tohnichi CPT Wrench

Also for for our customers that use the Tohnichi Wrench - you will now have a simplified setup by only needing an iPhone and the wrench in order to perform the Torque management. Eliminating the need for an iPad, Wi-Fi hotspot and GPS receiver (depending on cellular reception)! Re-pairing the wrench to the new iOS app might be necessary.

More iOS improvements

  • (plus) You can now get improved asset history, asset details, asset Links (Documents) on the new iPhone and iPad app.

  • (plus) Due to the new connection setup - you will no longer need to pair your iPad and iPhone together, they will just work magically together through the cloud and update the status of assets and work orders in real-time! (When both devices are connected to the internet)

ALIS WebApp changes


  • We transferred the “Torque Settings” for ALIS on-site torque inspection to the web app so that the settings are the same for all devices used. You can find them in “Settings - Maintenance - Torque Settings” . You can now also have a fixed lower and upper limit in the unit of your choice.

  • We have added a module in ALIS in order to receive live data from your regulators though the “ADB SAFEGATE LincNode” device. Ask us though the The ALIS Servicedesk for more info! This can give you better understand in your regulator and circuit health!


  • We increased the timeout error for generating “Asset History” reports. However, in some case you could still run into an error when reporting on a very large amount of assets or history entries.

  • We updated a service in the back-end that was causing “Error 500 “ for some customers , that should be strongly reduced now.

What’s up next?

In our next development cycle we are taking on a popular request to be able to directly edit asset properties from the Webapplication so you don’t always need to use the Export / Import method through excel in order to change names, location, asset type, etc ….

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