This section will handle the self-service upgrade possibilities of your ALIS instance and how you can purchase or cancel premium add-on subscription features.

For SLA and contract-based customers

If you are under a contract-based model for you ALIS instance you will see the following where the features are activated depending on the contract. Contact your sales representative for any changes you wish to make. Renewal of your subscriptions will go together with your contract.  If the contract is not renewed you will fall back to the ALIS basic under the freemium model.

For Freemium customers

You are able to purchase your selection of features on a monthly or yearly basis through our in-app purchase platform ( Currently only with Creditcard - if that is not an option for you, please contact your sales representative or make us a ticket on the ALIS Start Servicedesk to request an offer for PO transfer) .

To upgrade your instance or to view your current subscriptions, you can head over to the upgrade page by means of the Upgrade button.

 or under Settings → Manage Subscriptions

If you are still in your Trial period you will be informed about that and when your trial period will finish. 

Upon an active subscription, you will find the active subscription (if any ) and the possible upgrades near the bottom. 

You can click on the "Learn More" button to inform yourself about the proposed feature.

To purchase additional add-ons you can click on the cart button- if available - and your selection will be added to your cart.  You can now choose to add additional add-ons. Once all add-ons desired are added to the cart you can proceed with the checkout.  

You will get a detailed overview of the purchase amount to be paid now to activate the desired add-ons now and the price you will have to pay in the next billing moment. 

Follow the instruction of the checkout process to complete your order.
When successful the added features will be instantly available. 

Monthly vs Annual billing cycle

You are able to have a monthly or annual billing cycle for your add-on premium subscriptions. This can only be modified by the ALIS Team Admins on your request, to do so please create a ticket through the ServiceDesk.

Downgrade or cancel subscriptions

To cancel a subscription you can click on the "X" at the add-on you want to cancel it's subscription for and follow the instructions shown.

Once a subscription add-on is canceled you will be able to still use it until the end of it's billing period it was paid for. (info) To re-subscribe to that feature you will have to wait until the effective end of it's availabilty from the previous payed subscription cycle.

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