You find the latest release notes in your ALIS instance under “?” Release Notes

Version 2022.03.0


  • We "dropped" a new feature in ALIS and it's a core change for your maintenance management Tool! You can now drop a pin to create any observation ... anywhere. This means you can now use ALIS for your infrastructure and everything that is not pre-defined as an asset. FOD registrations, Pavement, Markings, Wildlife, Asset additions, ... One way - one overview.

  • We added a handy Observation table (toggles with the asset table) for a quick overview and observation selection

  • You can now export your Observations (through the Observation Table) to an excel sheet for custom reports or Asset creation sheets

  • Browse quickly through your observations with the Map-Observation view on the right side (toggles with the Asset details)


  • We added Filters for dropped pin type in our Observation filter section

  • Additional "Map Types" functions: You can now enable or disable certain markers in order to focus on the work at hand and toggle the Asset table to the Observation table for a better overview of your observations and export features!

  • You can now (bulk-) delete your unwanted generated reports

  • There is a new "Zoom to all assets" and "Zoom in on focused asset" buttons, you find them in the tool bar at the top of the satellite-map

  • Restrict your Observation categories to only dropped pin or Asset related in the Observation Category Editor

  • You can now hide/show your Dropped Pin, Asset Observations or Faulty lights in order to Focus on the matter at hand

Version 2022.02.0


  • Upon the rework of the basic functions of the Asset Type module in our previous release we have now also add some new major features:

    • The use of LABELS for your asset types allows you to categorise them and search for them accordingly

    • You can now use multiple images as a representation of your asset types.

    • You can add one or multiple links (document or weblink) to an asset type as a shortcut to the relevant documentation for that asset types (the manual, the datasheet, the installation report, the change log, etc.)

    • You can BULK-edit asset types to allow for asset types with certain similarities to gain similar properties (as Links or preventive Maintenance Tasks)

  • Is your asset far away? No problem! We added a navigation feature to the asset location - so that you easily find the asset you need to work on (under own responsibility of navigating the airside) just by clicking on the coordinates of the asset.


  • You can now use an image picker when selecting your images for your asset types from previous uploaded images.

  • When opening the "Work orders" you will now be directed to the "open work orders and not the "planning"

  • You can now also upload multiple pictures, labels and links through the asset type importer module by using excel

  • We updated the documentation for the asset types with the new view and features! You can find it here!

Version 2022.01.0


  • The "Asset Type" module has been rebuild from scratch to match our code language and design style. It still has the same principles in how it works but we are now ready to fast track any developments in that area. We have added an Asset type Importer module so that you can import an excel sheet full of asset types and it's properties! This means you don't have to create them one-by-one anymore for new airport instances.


  • From the "Map" you can now do a quick Export to Excel for your selected assets. Previously this was a beta feature and was exporting in CSV which could give problems if your International settings where not set correctly on your computer. To do so, select the Assets you want to change → click on the chevron in the bottom ˄ ( this will bring up the asset list) > click on the 3 dots top right of the Asset list > Export Assets.

  • When you have the "Request a Quote" feature active on your instance; we will now include an export of the selected assets for the quote in the create ticket; This allows the ADBSAFEGATE Bid agent to understand which assets exactly you are requesting a service for ( if the details of the material reference are added to the asset).

  • Upon creating a new Asset Type, you can now instantly add a new image (previously you had to first upload it in the image library) . We have added a quick selection for the maintenance cycle, like monthly , bi-monthly, Quarterly ... so you don't have to start calculating days!


  • The new Asset Type modules resolves some outstanding bugs that where reported in that area.

  • We also fixed a bug where some pages where not accessible with FireFox.

Version 2021.03

Version 2021.03.0

  • You can now create Observations in the ALIS Web-Application, this was only possible in the iOS App before and we gave it a big upgrade! We added new statuses, severities, multi-file uploads, and a chat window! There is much more to explore in the new observation section and this opens up new possibilities of use cases for you.

  • There is a Observation Category editor so you can create and assign different types of categories to the observations to easy gather and group all your issues for follow-up.

  • It's now possible to also Print your observations - or save to PDF - if you want to share it off-line. Want to share it on-line? Then there is a quick "share link" button to use in your favourite communication tool so that you can collaborate on the observation.


  • We will soon roll out the a completely reworked Observation experience on also for our iOS apps!

Version 2021.02

Version 2021.02.2

  • We fixed a bug which prevented you from creating work orders in the calendar view

  • The Maximo Connector does not throw an error anymore on certain outgoing requests

Version 2021.02.1

  • Improved Keycloak interaction

  • When registering maintenance via web for a work order, the date/time fields are now always prefilled with the current date and time instead of the scheduled date and time of the workorder

  • Fixed a bug where the "Download iOS App"-Page was not accessible if the customer is still in trial phase

  • Fixed a bug where validation errors were not shown when doing asset imports or photometric imports

  • The torque settings page had a crazy layout in the past version - that's fixed now!

Version 2021.02.0

  • We are rolling out a completely reworked user management for ALIS! We are enabling this feature gradually so that you should get this feature within the next weeks. Our support is going to contact existing customers for a seamless migration!

  • Upgrade your ALIS instance from within ALIS! With this version you can start buying features for ALIS through our in-app purchase platform. If you are on the ALIS Freemium model (and not on a contract basis) then just hit the orange "Upgrade" button to get an overview of your current subscription and the possibilities to upgrades.

  • Tired of trying to find the correct material number of a light? We can activate the "Get a Quote" directly from ALIS. You can select one or multiple assets and request a spare-part quote or even a service quote directly from your ADB SAFEGATE sales responsible. Your regional sales responsible will be contacting you through our ticketing system.

  • For our new customers - No Asset location? No Problem! Our Generic map with it's Generic map editor allows you to track your assets conditions based on their names, function group and area in the same way as if you would do it on our satellite view Add-on feature. This lowers the threshold for anybody to start using ALIS and get on board with Digital maintenance management.


  • With the new user management system we reworked the individual and group (Teams) access permission scheme and definition. You now have much more freedom in creating/editing/removing Teams and permissions that these individuals or groups have.

  • Creating new ALIS accounts is easy, secure and accurate; You can now copy users with similar permissions to on-board a new employee in a similar role.

  • We gave our support documentation a make-over. You can now watch our documentation with more ease and find your needs quicker. Find it at


  • We started working on the observations feature to bring them to the Webapp, the iPad and the iPhone. This will again improve your work methods and possibilities of what you can do with ALIS!

Version 2021.01.0

Version 2021.01.2

  • We fixed a bug that prevented the web application from showing observation markers.

Version 2021.01.1

  • We fixed a bug that prevented the iPad application to synchronise the asset data and it's areas correctly for new devices.

  • The asset type editor no longer looses the already selected image when editing an asset type.

  • We also fixed some issue in the maintenance task editor to make creation and editing of tasks more pleasant.

Version 2021.01.0

  • You can now register maintenance directly from the "map" in the web web application - find the dropdown under the "create work order" button for the new feature. You can register the maintenance to the selected asset(s) - or to the work order it's related to. Find more powerful new features under this button as flagging multiple lights as Faulty/Un-Faulty or resolving multiple observations in one go!

  • Want to import a batch of maintenance registrations? You can! We now allow for Excel sheets - in a certain structure - to be imported so that you can have a more holistic overview of all maintenance activities and installations on your site!

  • We have added a small button with great powers to the Map! It's your location! This way, you or airport inspection/operations can use the web app to also flag and register assets as defective so you have a more accurate representation of your assets operational state!

  • Maintain your own asset database in your ALIS instance! You can now export and import assets or asset changes directly in the ALIS web application. This allows you to update and maintain your instance so it is an accurate reflection of your installed base. Check out our documentation to learn more about it.

  • We are gradually migrating the legacy user identification to a new user identification management system that will allow you to better manage your users and roles. This will make the access to ALIS more safe and secure. We will be contacting airports individually for the migration process.


  • When creating a work order, you can now also include all assets of the selected asset's (sub-)area instead of having to filter for that (sub-area) first.

  • The "Open Work orders" received a makeover! You can now make reports of open work orders, get a better view on work order details and even directly add maintenance to them!

  • Creating reports from open work orders allows you to generate a list of asset types that might be needed for performing a certain task and you can use it for marking your progress in the sheet.
    BONUS: You can now use this sheet to directly import your maintenance tasks and register them! Yes, we are also very excited about this new workflow!

  • Want to repeat a previous work order at ease? Hit the replay button in the work order list and start the a work order creation with those same properties.

Version 2020.03.0


  • We are introducing the Photometric feature into ALIS and it's BIG! You are now able to import exported data from FBTech directly into ALIS or create your own Excel, CSV Sheet with the necessary data from any other source. This allows you to view and filter for photometric results and created work orders based on the illumination of your assets - compared to your Authority selection (ie: ICAO, FAA, ...) or your custom maintenance threshold. As a bonus we have added a history graph feature which allows you to view the evolution of the illumination of your photometric results over time.

  • Want to focus on the things that really matter? We got you! We are adding "Advisories" to the ALIS system. The Advisory-Panel contains recommendations and warnings on a higher level than on a per asset level. Every advisory-rule has a clear text to understand what it wants to tell you and how to act upon it, targeted to the maintenance managers and technicians for optimizing your airports performance.


  • We improved the visualization of the torque results in the history so that you can see all values at a glance. Just click one of the results to see a list of all bolts torques!

  • The Report templates have received some bug fixes and now include more information.

  • The Support pages of ALIS are updated with descriptions on the new Photometric import and Advisories.

Version 2020.02.0


  • With the improved data quality by the iOS apps, we are able to provide you a new category for the asset data. This category is called "Fixation Status" and is giving you an overview of the current fixation status of your asset. There is also a filter for this fixation status, so that you can simply filter for e.g. Missing Bolts.

  • For customers with an Ingersoll Wrench (electrical nut-runner), this fixation status will also contain a section called "Initial Torque Condition" which will show you, in which condition the fixation was BEFORE doing the maintenance. This indicator can help you to shorten or extend your maintenance cycle. For now this indication is done by the last torque action you did to the asset but will be extended to do trend analysis in the future. (We are also working on bringing this feature to customers using electronical torque wrenches - so please stay tuned!)


  • We improved the history view for torque maintenance to show a graph of the torque values and an indicator if the torque value is out of the variance (or a bolt is missing)

  • We change the language "English" to "English (UK)" and "English (US)" to better support the locales of the different regions in the world (12h system vs. 24h system, date/time format, etc.)

Version 2020.01.0

WEB APPLICATION Version 2020.01.0

  • Another major milestone for our ALIS solution is being released today! We completely reworked the reporting function for ALIS. This enables you to create reports, directly from your favorite workplace: the Map. We have prepared some brand-new templates for you to use for exporting that maintenance work-order report or even an export of all your assets registered in ALIS. The new reporting module is much more flexible than before which over time will allow us to even create custom made reports that will generate the information needed for your workflow! If you have wishes, ideas or requests for customizations just contact us through the ALIS Service desk!
    The reporting templates we are offering are going to increase and develop over time so keep an eye out for new ones each update! All this to give you a better insight of what is really important and what is happening on your airport.

  • All generated reports are now stored in your instance and you are able to download them whenever you need them. You are able to generate reports from any maintenance action registered from the start of your ALIS instance, so it's completely backward compatible on your existing data!

  • To learn more on the new reporting module: Check out our how-to reporting module on the service desk.


  • We improved the data synchronization which is done in the background - this results in a smoother user experience.

WEB APPLICATION Version 2019.02.0

  • ALIS is making friends! We developed a highly flexible interface to allow ALIS to interact with systems like Maximo, Ultimo, or even your ALCMS system. There is some more cream on that cake since ALIS can now also be linked to automation platform Zapier which enables interfacing with over +1500 apps!
    The new development opens a wide range of interfacing possibilities, if you are interested in finding out what they can do for you, simply contact us via the Service Portal.

WEB APPLICATION Version 2019.01.2

  • We fixed a bug where the WebApp was not always working when viewing from the iPad

  • The french and german translation now also reflect the changes from the last version

WEB APPLICATION Version 2019.01.1

  • We further improved the filters in our new Map workplace. You can now filter for recent activities as well as filtering with a free text search.

  • The asset information on the right side now also shows the Asset ID as well as the geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude)  

  • Observations which are still open are now highlighted in the history

WEB APPLICATION Version 2019.01.0

  • Your WebApp has evolved! And like any respectable Pokemon the WebApp now too has more powers and looks more awesome than before. That new look is what stands out immediately, overall the whole WebApp navigation is now more intuitive, better arranged and a lot easier on the eye.

  • Besides changes to the navigation our biggest focus was on the Map Workplace, honestly, it's like Disneyland with all new rides.. New icons and color scheme, improved zoom response for the assets, faster performance, polygonal straight-edge lasso selection, and.. filters. Lots of filters..
    Let us just drop a few: Filter visible assets on Asset type, Asset status, locations, type of maintenance task, specific open work orders, etc. Combine the filters as you see fit.

  • Read all about the implemented changes in the online manual.

WEB APPLICATION Version 2018.11.0 - November 16, 2018

  • The history now shows how an asset was selected (manual, RFID scanner, QR-Code or GPS)

WEB APPLICATION Version 2018.05.1 - September 27, 2018

  • We adapted the iOS installation process to support installations on iOS 12!

WEB APPLICATION Version 2018.05.0 - June 13, 2018

  • Our Web-Application is obviously now also French speaking! You can find it's new skills in the top right corner!

WEB APPLICATION Version 2018.03.1 - May 14, 2018

  • We fixed a bug where no history was shown for certain assets

WEB APPLICATION Version 2018.03.0 - May 2, 2018

  • Improved onboarding experience for iOS clients


  • We fixed a bug where not all torque values were displayed in the asset history

iOS APPLICATION Version 2018.11.0 - November 16, 2018

  • QR codes have entered the building! Any asset can now be identified using a QR code. To use this functionality, open the QR code scanner by pressing the QR code button in the Map View's toolbar.


  • An asset's manual can now be opened directly from the iPad's map view.w

  • Hypnotised by the app's beautiful colours? Or rather the opposite..? In any case, we added a colour legend in the iPad's Map settings.

  • Easy, easier, easiest: it is now possible to mark an asset as validated by simply clicking the Volume button on your iPhone ('Volume up' button, works only if the iPhone is unlocked)

  • The history now shows how an asset was selected (manual, RFID scanner, QR-Code or GPS)

iOS APPLICATION Version 2018.05.0 - June 16, 2018

  • ALIS is now supporting connectivity with the Ingersoll QX Series Nutrunner! This is the first motorized electric torque wrench that is OK to use for us in a Runway environment. This is NOT an impact wrench but a cordless precision fastener device!

  • With the growing amount of customers we have, we are now also offering a French translation of the solution next to German and English! Just change the general language settings of your iPad to make use of our application in that preferred language.


  • The instruction manual for ALIS Team and ALIS Personal has been updated and can be found in the ALIS Service Desk portal

iOS APPLICATION Version 2018.03.1 - May 14, 2018

  • iPhone App: added a menu button to the map to change the proximity selection radius and the zoom level.


  • iPad App: the shift preview now shows your own location again.

iOS APPLICATION Version 2018.03.0 - May 2, 2018

  • Hold on to your trousers, a lot of thrilling stuff is coming as part of a new system setup which excites us so much we have difficulties maintaining our killer cool.. This iOS version is already fitted with a new iPhone Client that can connect to a bluetooth version of the torque wrench, and is fit to enable location-based asset identification. Keep an eye on our communications as we will reveal more about the planned release of these features in the next months.

  • Behold the Connectiviy Center, it combines the previous AppUpdate and Device Connections directly from the app's home screen.

  • The iPad can support the iPhone clients in the upcoming new system setup (see above).


  • After performing adhoc maintenance a confirmation of the work done is now displayed.

  • When you manually select an asset in the torque shift view, the wrench now turns on the "continue" led (same behaviour as with scanning an RFID tag)

  • We slightly reworked the information shown in the shift views.