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Tochnichi Wrench Charging

The torque wrench is powered by 2-AA Batteries. The wrench shows on it's own display the battery status and whether the batter is almost empty. 
We recommend to always have a set of spare AA Batteries in the Torque wrench's case.   The time of usage of the batteries depends on the amount of torques performed , use and storage condition.

Battery Info Tohnichi

Insert AA batteries (2pc) inside the handle of the main body.
Please be careful not to place them at wrong polarity (see illustration).
Both nickel-hydrogen battery and alkaline battery can be used.
However, nickel-hydrogen battery is more recommendable.
Please refrain from using a new and old battery together, or different type of batteries at the same time in order to
maintain stable performance.

Nickel-hydrogen battery and alkaline battery have different final voltage.
CPT indicates battery shortage by showing "LOBATT" based on rechargeable nickel-hydrogen battery voltage.
Therefore, when using alkaline batteries, it may show the "LOBATT" display before using up the batteries.

More info in ALIS Devices Info

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows for the system to continue full operation when there is no active Internet connection. ALIS automatically checks for an active Internet connection at any moment and should it find that there is no active Internet connection available the system will enter Offline Mode.
During Offline Mode, ALIS can be used just as it would be with an active Internet connection. Should any maintenance be performed, ALIS will temporarily store this information until an active Internet connection is detected.

(warning) Before Offline Mode can be used - the device does need to load the current shifts to be performed from a active internet connection ( which can be a local wifi or cellular connection ) 

Upon logging in with an active Internet connection, ALIS will immediately notify the user of data that has been captured during an offline session. The user can then decide to upload this data to the server.
(info) On the iPhone the ALIS Personal can also be used in Offline - under the same conditions as above - the shift data need to be loaded first in connection with ALIS Team - iPad before shift maintenance can be performed.

Reminder for synchronisation

When data has been registered on the iPad that has not been uploaded yet - there will be a number badge on the icon and after a defined period of time a push notification to remind you to connect ALIS Team to the internet.

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