Issue Resolved with iOS Update to version 2022.02.02

  - We are aware that there is an issue with using multiple iPhones to 1 iPad when the iPhones are updated  iOS 16 -  A fix will be foreseen in the coming week. 

Workaround: Only use 1 iPhone paired with 1 iPad .


It could be that your iPad and iPhone are not connecting or synching to each other anymore after you have performed the update to iOS 16.


Make sure that the iPad and Iphone are on the same wifi network!


  1. Remove the current pairing on iPad and iPhone in the control center by sliding the paired devices to the left and remove it. 

  2. Use the "+" button in the control center - data connection on the iPad and iPhone to repair the devices.

  3. They should pair and start synchronising again. 

More info on the pairing can be found here: Pairing an iPhone ( ALIS Personal)  with the iPad (ALIS Team)