This article will describe the steps to be performed in order to perform an asset survey in order to collect the asset properties and location.

Step-by-step guide

Preparation and requirements

  1. An account needs to be created for you in order to gain access to the Trimble surveying service - You can email  in order to do so.
  2. You need to have a Trimble R1 or R2 receiver and a mobile device ( iOS or Android) for registering the survey data. 
  3. Download the Terraflex Application for your mobile device 

Start of the Survey

  1. Startup your Trimble R1 or R2 device and allow it to get a good satellite reception - Preferably with RTX or SBAS correction - more info on ALIS Devices Info
  2.  Startup and login to the Terraflex Application
  3. You should now see the project you are assigned to for performing the survey. 
  4. Verify your app Settings → Location Status → Select/verify the Trimble R1 or R2 . If you only see "Internal" you need to first pair the Trimble device in you device Bluetooth settings
  5. Click on the Map button and verify a good accuracy of your GPS reception ( Should be <1meter) 

Performing the Survey

  1. Find yourself at the location of the asset to be survyed.
  2. Position the GPS receiver above or near the object to be surveyed.
  3. Tap on the Form button from the "Home" view in the Terraflex application or the "+" button when in the "Map" view
  4. Fill in the necessary details 
  5. Submit the form by hitting the "V" button. 
  6. you can verify your submittal in the "map" or in the "Forms" Section

Repeat step 1-6 in order to survey all required assets.


  1. Login to the Trimble insphere/connect Web application
  2. You should find the submitted forms in the according to project.
  3. A Terraflex licensed user is now able to export the forms data and images taken from the survey 
  4. The downloaded data can now be used for upload in ALIS when the headers are adapted to the ALIS import structure

Images of the applications 

You can find out more about the import-export feature of ALIS here: ALIS - Asset Management import/export