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How-to create contractor accounts

Contractor accounts can be created for external contractors that should have limited access to the assets information.

Web app access

Airport maintenance manager account

Contractor accounts

  • Access into the web app

  • Can see all states of the assets

  • Can create work orders for the contractors

  • No access into the ALIS webapp

  • No access to preventive states of the assets

  • Cannot create work orders

iOS devices for contractors

Here contractors can:

  • Receive work orders

  • See shift summary that are only assigned into their group

  • Register torque maintenance (They can perform work using the ALIS wrenches to torque bolts)

  • Mark and see faulty/non faulty states of the assets.

  • Report observations

How to create contractor accounts

In the web app:

  1. Setting –> Users –> Manage Groups –> New Group

  2. Assign users that are contractors into this group

  3. Go to ‘Permissions’ and assign ONLY the 4 red indicated permissions for this group

This way we only grant access into the IOS device but not the webapp for the contractors

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