The ASSET ID ASSIGNMENT module has been removed from version 2018.11 and is replaced by the replace identifier function. To perform a QR or RFID  tag assignment or replacement please follow the following action. This operation can be performed on ALIS Team in the Mapview module. Every asset registered in the ALIS system has a location identifier.  For indoor use - these locations are ( for now) represented in a similar way as an outdoor asset but are place as a group near it's actual location. 


  • To assign or replace a QR/RFID  we will manually select the asset from the mapview ( ALIS Team) and then use the Replace identifier button.  

The camera functionality is activated ( Confirm "allow camera" if pop-up would appear) .
You can now use the RFID Wrench to scan the RFID tag to be assigned.
The scanned number will be shown in the texfield New asset identifier.


  • Verify the scanned asset corresponds to this QR code and then press "Save" . 
  • A confirmation of assignment will appear for a short time. 


You may now use the new RFID tag as the identifier for the asset. 

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